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Eye Exam
Eye Test


At Belleville Optometry, Ltd., we provide complete primary vision and eye health care services to patients of all ages. Our goal is to evaluate each patient individually and make recommendations that address their unique situation. We help children by making sure their vision is optimized for the classroom and sports, and by alleviating vision strain that often accompanies adolescence. Beginning in childhood, we encourage the use of contact lenses, and continually reevaluate new developments in lens design and materials, ensuring that our contact lens patients are always using products of the highest quality. We provide industrial safety eye care and have 24/7 emergency service available. We specialize in computer vision syndrome and have extensive experience in managing this common workplace problem. For patients who are having trouble focusing on near objects, we offer solutions with eyeglasses, contact lenses, and surgery. We manage cataracts, diabetic eye disease, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other eye diseases which often affect seniors.

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At Belleville Optometry, Ltd., our Doctors are proud to provide vision and eye health examinations that are second to none. Using the latest in high-tech equipment and techniques, we are able to provide our patients with an examination experience that is thorough, enjoyable, and efficient. You'll appreciate your short wait time, and the ways we've utilized technology to streamline your visit. Your vision and eye health will be completely evaluated, your results will be explained clearly, and all of your questions will be answered.
Our examination consists of procedures and tests that are designed to identify and solve any and all of your eye problems. We'll conduct a thorough medical history to identify health problems that may affect your eyes. We will evaluate your visual clarity, color vision, and depth perception. We will conduct an automated evaluation of your peripheral vision. We will test your eye alignment and eye movement skills. We will thoroughly inspect your eyes inside and out to look for eye health problems that may be cause problems now or in the future. All the while we'll be using what is perhaps our most important diagnostic equipment - our ears - to listen to your needs and problems so that we may provide you with the best visual solutions.

Optomap Retinal Exam
I-Care Tonometer


We have some of the most sophisticated equipment available for properly evaluating your vision and eye health. We were the first eye care providers in St. Clair county, and among the first in the greater St. Louis area to offer the Optomap Retinal Exam as a method of evaluating internal eye health in a quick, patient-friendly way, avoiding the unpleasant side effects of routine pupil dilation.
Don‘t like the “air puff” test to measure your eye pressure? Neither do we. For general use, we employ the I-Care tonometer – a kinder, gentler, and more accurate way to measure eye pressure, with no drops and no puff of air!
Neurolens: What is Neurolens?
At least 2/3 of people experience the symptoms of eye misalignment, and that number grows as we shift to remote working and learning.
Even small misalignments can cause painful symptoms such as HEADACHES, NECK PAIN, EYE STRAIN, EYE FATIGUE, DRY EYE SENSATION, and MOTION SICKNESS.  Correcting these small misalignments with Neurolenses can provide dramatic relief.
You’ll be impressed with our gadgets, but we still rely on good old-fashioned examination and listening skills to correctly identify and diagnose your problems. You’ll appreciate this approach at your first visit!



As Optometrists, we are specialists in contact lenses! Contact lenses are among the most exciting aspects of vision care today. Contact lenses are available for patients of all ages and almost every vision problem imaginable. With literally hundreds of different lens designs at our disposal, we are bound to have the contact lenses for you!

Our Optometrists routinely fit patients in contact lenses for:
Myopia (nearsightedness) and Hyperopia (farsightedness)
Presbyopia (need for bifocals or reading glasses)
Corneal trauma / post-surgical
Continuous (overnight) wear

Our contact lens examination includes a comprehensive vision and eye health exam, corneal mapping, and (most importantly) a conversation designed to identify what type of contact lenses are the best option for your individual needs. Maybe, because of your allergies, you would do well with single-use daily disposable lenses. Perhaps you are a new mother and would benefit from lenses you can keep in throughout the night for those midnight feedings. Maybe you have trouble with night glare with our current lenses and would enjoy the "high-definition" aspheric optical designs. There are so many variables, and the fun part of fitting contact lenses is matching the lens design with the individual.

We fit all major contact lenses. There are really too many to list. We'd love to discuss your contact lens options with you face to face!

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Lasting Smile
Eye Glasses
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Man with Grey Jacket


At Belleville Optometry, Ltd., we have more than 700 eyeglass frames on display to fit your style and budget, whether you are looking a frame that is subtle and sophisticated, one that is rugged and sturdy, or something with a little "bling." We have the look for you! Some of the frame lines we carry include:

Anne Klein ~ Armani Exchange BCBG ~ BEBE ~ Candies ~ Carrera ~ Di Valdi ~ Flexon ~ Fysh ~ Guess ~ Harley Davidson ~ Juicy Couture ~ Kenneth Cole ~ Lacoste ~ Nautica ~ Nike ~ NW 77th Ray-Ban ~ Polo ~
Ralph Lauren ~ Rec Specs ~ Rudy Project Sketchers ~ Swarovski ~ Ted Baker ~ Tura ~ Vera Wang

There are lots of options to consider when looking at prescription lenses. The best way to select lenses is to determine your needs based on your lifestyle, and then discuss the lens "solutions" with one of our Doctors or Certified Opticians. An interactive lens design tool is available at
Lens Designs
Single Vision: This all-purpose lens is available in all materials and provides vision correction for one viewing area. The corrected are can be for far distance or near distance.
Multifocals: This lens design is recommended when you require correction for both distance and near viewing areas in one single pair of glasses. Multifocals are available as no-line progressives, bifocals, and trifocals.

No-Line Progressives are designed to allow you to see at distance (driving a vehicle), intermediate (looking at the dash board), and near (reading a map) with no lines or sections. The absence of bifocal lines makes this lens the most desirable cosmetically. You will also enjoy continuous vision from far to near with this lens design.
Bifocals provide both far and near correction in one lens. A visible line divides the two areas providing a visible segment for near viewing.
Trifocals are a variation of the bifocals. This double-line lens provides you with correction in three areas - distance, intermediate, and near.

Aspheric Lenses: Aspheric optics reduce the effect of your eyes looking larger or smaller behind your glasses. Plus, the image remains more clear when you look through the sides of the lenses. These lenses are also thinner and lighter.

Specialty Lenses - for work and play

Industrial/occupational lenses: Special occupational designs help us to customize lenses for almost any occupation, hobby, visual or safety requirement. Your lifestyle information will help us understand how you use your eyes and identify visual needs.

Computer lenses: If you work on the computer for hours at a time, you may benefit from computer lenses. These lenses are custom designed to provide the best vision for you while working at the computer.

Sports Lenses: Improve safety and performance and enhance your enjoyment. Sports lenses come in a variety of colors, designs and treatments. Impact resistance and light weight are key considerations.

Lens Treatments - features you should consider

UV Protection: The sun's ultraviolet rays pose potential harm to your eyes. We recommend UV protection on all our lenses. UV filters for your lenses accomplish the same thing as sunscreen does for your skin - shield your eyes from harmful UV rays. UV protection is a "must-have" for adults and children to promote long-term eye health.

Scratch resistant coating: This treatment is highly recommended to protect your lenses from every day wear-and-tear. Protecting your lens surface prolongs the usefulness of your lenses and protects your investment in good vision.

Anti-glare: This is a special treatment that reduces distracting reflections. The results are: more transmitted light, better quality of vision, improved night vision, and reduced eye fatigue. Great for working on the computer and driving at night, these lenses also offer a cosmetically appealing "invisible lens look" that makes the lenses "disappear" and shows your eyes more clearly.

Adjustable Tint Lenses: These lenses darken in the sunlight, and lighten indoors. Improved technology provides you with lenses that are virtually clear indoors and as dark as sunglasses outside, and protects you from harmful UV.

Lens Materials - what's best for your prescription and lifestyle

Plastic: Plastic lenses are lighter than glass lenses and can be tinted to almost any color and shade.

High-Index: Advancements in technology continue to give us thinner and lighter lenses for your stronger prescriptions. These lenses offer comfort and cosmetics without compromise.

Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate lenses are good for two reasons: comfort, because of their incredible light weight; and safety, due to their high impact resistance. We recommend these for children, teens, active adults, occupational safety, and anyone who needs superior protection.

Glass: Glass offers superior optics and is the most scratch-resistant material available. However, glass can shatter, is heavy, and may not be an option for many frame styles.

Sun Lenses

Polarized Lenses: These are the best option for eliminating glare. Hunters, boaters, fishermen, golfers, and drivers are just a few who can benefit from polarized lens' glare-blocking properties. Any surface can create glare in sunlight, especially water, snow, sand, windows, vehicles, and buildings. Polarization eases eye strain and fatigue in bright sunlight.

Tinted Lenses: Tints for sun lenses are usually medium to dark shades. They can be solid or gradient, and are available in almost any color.

Mirrored Lenses: Mirrored coatings provide a reflective surface that makes the eye almost invisible to others, while keeping your eyes protected from glare.

When selecting eyewear, keep these safety factors in mind and be sure to discuss any safety needs with our staff.
The type and style of the eyeglass frame is an important factor in determining how much protection your eyeglasses will provide. Many frames are designed for appearance, not protection.
Federal law requires all lenses to meet a standard of impact resistance. Lenses used for dress eyewear are not required to meet as rigorous an impact resistance standard as lenses used in industrial or sports spectacles. Discuss with our professionals the lens impact resistance requirements of your lifestyle.
No lenses are unbreakable or shatterproof. They can break into sharp pieces that can cause serious injury to the eye, or blindness. Even if the lenses do not break, the frame can break or distort and result in serious eye injury.
The continued impact resistance of your lenses depends on how well you protect them from physical shocks and abuse. For your own protection and visual comfort, scratched and pitted lenses should be replaced immediately.
If your occupation or recreational activities expose you to severe risk of flying objects or physical imparts, eye safety may require special safety spectacles with safety lenses, side shields, goggles, and/or a full face shield.

Ask about our special discounts!
We are happy to offer special discounts for senior citizens, military families, and for multiple-pair purchases!

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